Not Enough Evolutionism Indoctrination for English Primary School Children?

The UK Government has published a consultation document on the teaching of Scientific and Technological Understanding. This is one of six new broad curriculum areas in primary schools to replace the existing, more rigid structure of 11 subjects. Read the rest of this entry »


TLSE Video clip 1

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Inspection of homeschooling

At Answers in Genesis, we seek prayerfully to support parents no matter the type of education they choose for their children, including state education, independent secular education, independent Christian schools, and homeschooling. We produce a number of resources that can be used in many of these environments. Read the rest of this entry »

TLSE: Video clip 2.

The second of two video clips are now available at the Just Six Days blog (I can’t yet post videos here).

An Examination of Error

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Truth, Lies and Science Education book

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Darwin and Darwinism is available for sale from the Answers in Genesis website. Switch the country label on the Answers in Genesis site to say “United Kingdom”.

This is what people are saying about the book.

“Paul Taylor, in this book, argues cogently for it being essential to keep a moral dimension to our teaching of secondary school science. Here he develops a thesis that to divorce the two ultimately is to lose the definition of knowledge itself. In our postmodern culture we have tried to separate ‘values’ from the ‘facts’. We have wrongly set up a duality such that the spiritual is not mandatory and can be reckoned to be a matter of opinion, and just facts on their own (all the physical world around us) can be studied without any reference to values, and certainly no absolutes from non-material thinking. How wrong we are is the thrust of this book based on the Master’s thesis of Paul Taylor with the University of Wales (Cardiff) in 2000. Paul is a keen thinker and has thought widely not only on the issues of creation versus evolution, but of the far wider social deconstruction which has removed the whole basis of the Western sense of truth and even rationality. Only the Christian gospel founded in Genesis can rebuild the next generation.” Professor Andy McIntosh, DSc, FIMA, C.Math, FEI, C.Eng, FInstP, MIGEM, FRAes, University of Leeds

“Sending a child to a state school may be the only option, but the child will often be exposed to an atheistic worldview which can have a damaging effect on his or her spiritual development. Christian parents who send their children to state schools must understand how atheistic values have crept into many areas of the school curriculum. This book by Paul Taylor will greatly help parents identify and deal with the problems that their children face in state schools.” Professor Stuart Burgess, BSc (Eng), PhD, CEng, FIMechE, FRAes, University of Bristol

“Students spend more time with their teachers/professors than they do with their parents in learning to understand what life is all about. As a result, their formalized education has a great impact on their worldview. Truth, Lies and Science Education is a valient attempt to tackle this issue head on to engage the education system and parents in understanding the realities of what is being taught to children and how they are being conformed to a secular way of thinking about every aspect of reality.” Ken Ham, President of Answers in Genesis, USA

“The findings and conclusions of this book are disturbing. Every parent should be aware that the teaching of science is not neutral, but it is biased–biased toward the teaching that there is no God; that there is no creator; that there are no (God-given) rules by which we have to live our lives; and that there is no God to whom we have to give an account. In this book, Paul Taylor ensures that every parent knows that his or her children are being taught science in a manner that has its roots more in the faith system of the educators than they would care to acknowledge. I can warmly commend this book to everyone that has an interest in the education of our young people.” Dr A J Monty White, former CEO of Answers in Genesis (UK/Europe)